Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Interior design 2008

Starting with fabrics and upholstery, texture rather than patterns are a part of the trends this year along with bright colors including lime and fuchsia. Just like the fashion world all shades of purple are being used a lot in interior design as well. They don’t expect this to last though. The bright colors are more like accent colors to the darker tones of black and the use of white. The 40s and 50s are prevalent with the use of chrome, vinyl and plastic. With the influence of the early 20th century lines are sleek and geometric. Couches without arms are popular and very chic along with the latest in technology for your entertainment needs. Other accessories for your living room are boxes on the coffee table, candles, piles of books and wind chimes.

Wall decorating is also popular this year. Dull walls are being noticed in every home and the addition of a piece of wall art brings beauty and a great influence to the design of the room. It needs to portray a comfortable room, but that is also alluring. Anything from images of graphic figures, framed prints, designer canvases and mirrors are used to spice up the room.

The interior design for 2008 is a combination of bold, soft, and contemporary. The designs go from relaxed, beachy, natural feel with natural, soft colors to a bold, in your face, contemporary look. Within these looks there is also a high end, rich feeling trend. Colors include dark pastel pink, green, khaki, yellow and lilac. Dark blue and purple are also included with a flamingo orange accent color. Ivory, Ash and a maroon color make up the rest of the ‘good life’ interior colors for 2008. A similar palette is used for the ‘coast’ theme, but in different shades. The green and blue are the same, but the yellow is brighter and there is a lighter and a darker shade of grey. The color spa is also introduced along with a deep brown, a bright red and linen. ‘Fundamental’ colors are darker including a deep eggplant purple, dark green, Dijon yellow, grey and a color called chalk. The maroon and bright red are included in this them as well along with a mahogany brown and tan.

The patterns for each theme are different too. The ‘good life’ includes animal prints and geometric patterns, while ‘coast’ has a lot of patterns that look hand drawn, vintage and sketched. ‘Fundamental’ is a mix of both themes bringing in darker tones to the hand drawn geometric patterns. Sustainable materials are a big part of the interior decorations in 2008 along with textures and a lot of woven materials.


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