Thursday, November 6, 2008

Handbag Trends in 2008-2009

* Extremes of scale and proportion, from giant soft sacs to minaudières, create unusual bag silhouettes.

* Over sized soft boxy clutches with hand pockets and hand-hugging muffs take historical influence from the Edwardian era and 1920s designers including Erté and Poiret.

* Shape-transforming details such as zip-off bases and fold-down constructions give a rediscovered, practical intelligence to styles.

* Unusual details such as split gussets and doubled wallet-style constructions take the form of “split personality” styles for more-directional shape styling.

As one can see, there are many different shapes and sizes that are offered this year. There is a change in the over sized bag as it has become more practical and toned down. Although, much detailing has occurred at the bottom as an accent, as well as at the top with ties and buckles. Clutches are square and rectangular in shape and definitely showcase a feminine mystique, while the unique fold down shape portrays an older look. I believe the most significant shape of handbag in 2008-2009 is the stylish split personality shape, which conveys the future of handbags, with experimental design and minimalist style. This style of handbag can be worn casually or can be dressed up and is suitable for a variety of ages as well.


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