Tuesday, November 4, 2008

color 1978,1980, 1982

1978- Colors in 1978 have been influenced by the many events/movements that have taken place throughout the 70s. There was a lot of job dissatisfaction that gave rise to individualism and self expression. Many of the colors were influenced by the hippies, gay pride, and the newly found "punk" style. Colors such as primaries, rainbow colors, and black all became dominant among different groups of people. Having so many different groups that were attracting a lot of followers, created many different color trends. However, this whole "multiple color trend" is coming to an end. With the economy and the job dissatisfaction colors were insane. People were all about self expression, but that will soon take a turn around.

(taken from the global ideas blog)

1980- In 1980 people began to move out of the self expression phase. People were ready for a change. With the presidential election in this year, there was only hope that the economy would turn around. People started to become more serious and not so indiviualistic which inspired a "romantic" trend. Romantic fashions inspired deep maroons and forest greens. Color was also taking a dashing stand in becoming more formal, Oscar de la Renta's line inspired navy, red, and white. This would be a trend that will carry through to 1982.

(taken from the northwestern ideas blog)

1982- With Ronald Reagan in office for two years now, the economy has turned around and people are inspired to be bold and stand out. Job satisfaction is on the rise. Primary colors are a result in the boost of the economy and people's attitudes. Red becomes a very influential color as it shows confidence and mainly represents confidence in the consumer. Green and pastels are also biggies.

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