Friday, November 7, 2008

2008 celebrity influences

In regards to celebrity influences on consumers, times have changed and since the late eighties and nineties, one can conclude that celebrities are more influential than ever. From designers, to musicians, to celebrities, it is evident that any figure in the spotlight may and most likely will have an affect on consumers.

"According to the Cotton Incorporated’s Lifestyle Monitor, 55% of young Fashion Innovators aged 16 to 24 stated that they look to celebrities for fashion direction." This number shows that innovators can be recognized as celebrities. Young consumers are following style and trends from people they watch in TV and movies and read about in magazines. Surprisingly, this trend of celebrity influence has always been prevalent. It peaked in the mid 1990's when television became popular and consumers were following trends of women who appeared in shows and movies. I believe that it is important to understand that money has a large role in influence. In the 18th century consumers were adhering to the leisure class or social elite, that being a large population of people that often spent a large amount of money on fashion. In these times, the leisure class could be considered "high class" or what we could call now, " celebrity status." The trickle-down theory is one that explains the movement of fashion and how is is moved from one group to another, and now more than ever we are seeing the trickle-down theory occur, beginning with social elite, otherwise known as celebrities.

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