Monday, November 3, 2008

1990, 1992 and 1994 Color

Color trends for 1990, 1992 and 1994

1990: The bold, bright colors of 1990 seemed to be caused by the surge in the economy making people more confident in their buying and in their lifestyle. Some even vowed to never wear black again. Neutral colors were still present in outerwear including camel, black, navy and grey. Earth tones also complemented the bright colors along with graphic prints, shine and matte textures. Jewelry followed the shine trend where silver, gold and platinum were the most commonly wore accessory colors.

Source: Over the Top

1992: Bright colors were still present in 1992, but now were accented with the introduction of leopard and zebra animals prints to clothing. Other prints associated with this year include floral, plaids and checks. Rich orange, red and yellow tones also played a big part in fashion influenced by the summer Olympics that were held in Barcelona, Spain. Red was worn across the board in clothes, accessories and makeup accented by sooty blacks. Handbags during 1992 had their own color palette as well. Colors ranged from neutral blacks, browns, and navy to burgundy, fuchsia, plum, red, green, and gold.

Source: Gauds of Trend

1994: There were many bold color palettes of 1994. Browns and neutral tones stuck around along with greens and other bold colors. There were many purples and reds paired together, Inky blues including blue black ink, royal sapphire, deepest kingfisher teal and soft turquoise. Sea greens were also popular with emeralds, citrus greens and yellow toned olives and avocados. Apricot gold, creamy banana, rust, winter white cream, taupe and cocoa were other trendy colors of 1994. Many shoes and bags were also produced in animal print as well.

Source: Color for the Soul

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