Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Fashion Flops of 2008


I found a lot of accusations towards celebrities wearing outfits that fit into the fashion flop category. The things that seemed to be criticized the most were, wearing clothing that was too tight, unflattering silhouettes, showing too much skin, looking like they were wearing a costume, ugly patterns, miss-matched outfits and channeling 1980. The biggest flop this year seems to be people wearing outfits that just do not fit their body. It is either way to tight, or too baggy and sloppy looking. The argument is that clothes should fit the body and the person should wear the clothes, not the clothes wearing the person. People have been attacked for wearing out of the ordinary clothing that looks like a costume or is just unflattering, but they wear it to stand out. Fashion flops are also seen with clothing that looks cheap and not well made. Couples dressing alike have also been frowned upon in 2008, but a lot of these flops carry over year to year. The fashion flops of 1982 and 2008 seem to correlate. I think flops remain the same in whatever year it is. Unflattering silhouettes and tight fitting garments are never in style along with wearing costumes in everyday life. Sometimes it seems popular to miss-match your outfits, but not in high fashion. These anti-trends will always be looked down on and is something we can spot in the future as well.

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