Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Architecture of 2008

Going Green! That is the most popular trend in architecture today. Costs are much higher to produce this trend, but most people that are building houses are worried about saving energy, and preserving resources making environmentally friendly houses a high priority. The higher costs also relate to the amount of energy savings that will appear in the future. This growing trend has also created a greater appreciation for architects who are also grateful to be able to express their creativity. Here are some of the benefits of these homes:

Resource conscious design reduces the consumption of natural resources by:

• using land and energy efficiently

• employing storm water filtration

• reducing waste products

• using native landscaping

• minimizing habitat disruption

• selecting building materials for minimal environmental impact

Healthy design helps make building occupants healthier and more comfortable by:

• enhancing indoor air quality

• increasing connections to the outdoors

• introducing more daylight

• improving acoustics

(Jeanne Lauf Walpole)


There is also the option of making your current house more environmentally friendly as well. Adding solar panels, using fluorescent lighting, changing the material your roof is made out of, installing a motion detector for your outdoor lighting, installing low flow showerheads, clean air conditioning filters, recycle and insulating your home.

Ancient building techniques are also coming up by using biodegradable materials which create a rustically beautiful look. Old buildings are being re-used and remodeled with the original structure, so they do not have to tear down the building, they are preserving the past. Synthetic Materials and chemicals that were previously all people used in building home have been discovered to harm the inhabitants. A switch to construction that is not reliant on plastics, laminates and fume-producing glues is catching on in home building.

Home designs are also becoming more flexible and helpful. Room designs have become movable. Different sliding doors and movable partitions make living arrangements able to change with your desire. They are making homes easier to move around in and with more storage.


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