Thursday, November 6, 2008

2008 technology

2008 is being called the year of the cell phone, sure the cell phone has been around forever but this year is the relization of a merger bettween mobile technology and the internet. A prime example of this the iPhone by Apple. Which has been the star of 2008 must have jadgets. Move over ipods your no longer the best thing in town.

The iPhone has managed to stay atop the news almost constantly since its launch last June—and sales haven't been too shabby either. Market research firm Gartner said that the company managed to capture 20 percent of smartphone sales during the third quarter of 2007, second only to RIM with the heavyweight BlackBerry at 39 percent. During last week's Macworld 2008 keynote, CEO Steve Jobs proudly announced that the iPhone topped smartphone sales by Palm, Nokia, and Motorola combined, right out of the gate.

As it turns out, much of the hype and some of the criticisms are justified. The iPhone is revolutionary; it’s flawed. It’s substance; it’s style. It does things no phone has ever done before; it lacks features found even on the most basic phones.
Unless you’ve been in a sensory-deprivation tank for six months, you already know what the iPhone is: a tiny, gorgeous hand-held computer whose screen is a slab of touch-sensitive glass.

The 5 top technology trends of 2008:

1. Data leaks and IP Theft

2. Virtualization

3. Software as a Service

4. The Mobile Workforce

5. Windows Vista

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