Tuesday, November 4, 2008

2008 Fashion Designers

In 2008, there are many designers that influenced the trends and styles. However, it is hard to distinguish the most influential or important designers because they all have made an impact with either their Fall or spring collections or with new style lines and designs. The most useful website in regards to designers was WGSN-EDU and I received my information from various links on the webpage.

Dolce and Gabbana’s Fall 2008 collection incorporated detailing of sleeves and incorporated feminine plaid fabrics. Plaid can be recognized, currently,as a major fashion trend. One can note that Dolce and Gabbana portrayed plaid as fashionable and stylish and the collection can be recognized as a significant fashion movement.

Another Fashion name that has transformed into a powerful influence for 2008-2009, is Gucci. Gucci, unlike many designers, experimented with various furs and decorative patterns. Fusing these two elements, created a one-of-a-kind look.

Furthermore, Marc Jacobs was recognized for his toned down neutral pallet of color and styling in his 2008 collection. Also, his Spring 2009 collection which was recognized by WGSN as most stylized. He combined Hats and accessories into his line, which definitely made an impact.

Designers such as Missoni, Derek Lam, and Malo all brought in refined designs to fashion week this year. There combination of space-dyed yarns and lustrous filament yarns gave the apparel a glow that was not only significant but made a powerful statement. The collections of the fore-mentioned designers incorporated new ideas, new textiles, and overall brought a sense of international culture to design.


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