Thursday, November 6, 2008

2008 Makeup

2008 Spring Makeup Trends
For 2008 spring makeup trends there are two main looks that steal the spotlight. Lilac eye colors and blue. 2008 spring makeup trends are all about color. So be prepared to play your eyes up with soft purples, lilacs, along with light blues and dark blues.
Other 2008 spring makeup trends include soft light cat eyes, nude lips, pastel eyeshadows, colorful eyeshadows, and red lips. For popular 2008 spring nail colors don’t be afraid to play with pink, red, purple, orange, yellow, blue. Matted Foundation is also in so choose matted powders and foundations for a soft polished professional look for easy 2008 spring makeup trends. Natural Eye Shadow Colors
Natural eye shadow
colors will be seen during 2008. This includes beiges, browns, whites and grays. Light shades of plumb purple will also be seen quite a lot. In 2008, you will also notice that the amount of eye shadow that women apply to their eyelids will be reduced, in comparison to recent years. Overall, it’s best to not go heavy on brightly colored eye shadows.
Lighter Shades of Eyeliner
Along with natural eye shadow colors, you will also notice lighter shades of eyeliner. Rather than dark black eyeliner, most women will be wearing lighter shades of gray and brown. You will also find that eyeliner will not be worn heavy this year. Instead, it’s likely that you will only see a very thin line of eyeliner worn on most women throughout the year of 2008.
Natural Shades of Lipstick and Gloss
2008 is going to be a very natural year in terms of makeup
. Not only will your eyes look natural, but you will also probably want to stick with natural shades of lipstick and gloss. During 2006 and 2007, red was a very hot color of lipstick. In 2008, we will find that red lipstick will be replaced by shades of pink and peach. Light shades or clear lip gloss will also be very popular during 2008.

Peach cheeks
Pale light skin is no more a disadvantage in any way. So I’m putting away self-tanning gel and bronzers. This spring peach-warm blush on your cheeks will look the best. It seems to give your skin healthy perfect look. Plus, it brightens up your eyes no matter what color are they. Mine are gray-blue and they get the electric blue effect when I apply light orange blush on my cheeks. In order to boost this effect getting some orange eye shadow won’t harm as well.

Pink lips
Pink lips! It is recommended to use pink with the high maintenance of a color pigment in order that shine would not look transparent. Although, I find that my lips look the best with transparent pink color lips glow. I love pale lips and they look great with peach cheeks. Gives your look a doll-girl effect.

Eye underlined
Dramatic eyes are just as popular as bright colors. This season we will be underlining lower eyelids. Try putting silver or white eyeliner on the lower lid and a touch of navy blue color on the outer corner of your lower eyelid. Most make up artists did it for spring shows and it looks fantastic. Looks like simple solution to a killer all-nighter.

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