Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Cotton Inc 2008

Transdry is a new textile that is 100% cotton, but is engineered to wick moisture away from the skin and make it dry faster. This type of fabric is ideal for those who exercise because it keeps the wearer drier and more comfortable in high activity situations. This combination of cotton fibers and technology works with single and double knit fabrics. These charts show how the type of knit performs in different areas of improvement.


Endure is another current textile innovation. It is a technology that was applied to sheets. Consumer’s number one factor in buying sheets is their durability. Cotton Inc responded by creating more durable sheet with the endure technology. It is similar to Tough Cotton, but offers these benefits:

• Improved smoothness • Improved shape retention • Improved fabric strength • Less pilling and fuzzing • Improved resistance to abrasion • Easier pressing • Reduced shrinkage • Excellent hand and drape • Longer retention of original color • Durability to at least
50 machine washes

During abrasion tests the fabric also showed a 300% improvement resulting in needing over twice as many cycles to completely abrade the fabric.


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