Sunday, November 9, 2008


American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists has developed a series of groups to help compile new fashion colors and textiles. Their interest groups mission is to "expand the collective knowledge of materials professionals in the development of new materials related to the fiber/fiber products industries via innovative modifications of existing structures and/or creation of unique compositions
of matter. The group is focused on fiber-based materials (both traditional and non-traditional) and new chemicals/colorants synthesized to enhance them."

Through research and testing, groups such as the for-mentioned may introduce new colors and products to companies and global consumers. The research topics that are being focused on right now include the following :
* Practical applications of nanotechnology in textiles
* Innovative fibers and fabrics for high performance, protective applications,
and a healthier lifestyle
* Bacterial resistance and antimicrobial-treated products
* Antibiotic uptake and release from textile materials
* Non-traditional medical textile implants
* Face mask advancements for safety from biological threats
* Flame retardant technologies
* Textile coating enhancements
* Improvements in firefighter and first-response protective clothing
* Sensor networks and i-textiles
Although, this organization caters to a variety of businesses, the fashion industry benefits from the textile research and colors that are introduced.


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