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color patterns, 1996-2000

Color of 2000: the colors of 2000 all followed an inspierd theme, Nature. The year started off with a Spring/ summer inspierd by word such as Mother Nature, hippie, sundrenched and mysteriouse. These colors included whitened colors with a modern edge, subtle colord neautrals, citris fresh brights and sophisticated natural darks. The nature theme held true through the Autumn and winter with isperation comming from: Nature, warm neutrals, weatherd earth tones, delicate eggshell and blush red. The color pallet was Mother Nature meets the millinium, earth tones with enough color to keep them fresh and new.

Source:The Watermelon Forcaters

Color of 1998: The colors of 1998 were represented by warm comfertable colors. the palette moved from cool to warm and the five color groups of the year were, Poolside, Spa, Reef, Ruins and Cafe.

POOLSIDE is inspired by happy, splashy brights. However, they are sundrenched -not baked. Pinks and corals, two key colors, are joined by citrus orange. The season is also illustrated by mixing blues, especially soft aqua with a punched-up turquoise.
SPA reflects the space between the sea and sky; meditative, therapeutic, aquatic colors. There is a mixing of brights, midtones, darks and pales. Light, mineral purple and rich fountain purple are key colors. Blue is probably the most important family, and is mixed in different casts and hues.
REEF is cheerful; never dull or discordant. It is characterized by a mixture of hot, passionate, robust reds -- synonymous with love and romance -- and Chinese culture, luck and happiness. Coral and mollusks are extensions of the important brick and terra-cotta colors, but are now more peach-like. Greens in the group are clean, clear and austere, while gray is a key color for women's wear, especially when worked with blues and purples.
RUINS bring the old world into the new. Golds and blues are important, especially in women's wear. Brown, less reddened and more mellow, is a staple, an accepted alternative to black and navy.
CAFÉ is inspired by a warm, comforting and naturally harmonious color environment. One key trend in this group is a mixing of pales and neutrals, as well as the continuation of warm beiges, which are more peachy in tone. Complementary colors in the group are mocha and bright lemon.
source: Brown Cow

Color of 1996: The color star of 96' was Grey, grey was proclaimed the new black and was the star of the show. Also very big were different variations and shades of some key colors; green, blue, red, and purple (electric purple) and orange. All of these colors were seen in many differnt variations all over acomponied by the neutral grey. prints in these colors were also very huge.

Source: Moody Jeans

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