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The Color of 1982

1982 was filled with many colors from all ranges of the spectrum. There were heavy blacks for going out and pastels for when you wanted that feminen feel. However with all thoses colors there was a color trend that really stood out from all the rest in the fashion world and it was primaries. Bold primary colors such as yellow, red, green and blue were huge in 1982. Especially red, seen as a bold empowerd color was a faviorite among the confidents modern women. The 80's were all about over the top statments, the bigger the better and the brighter the better, this was very apparent in the color trends of the day. It extended from the color of the cars to the clothes and even to the makeup selections which were far from subtle. All in all the colors of the 80's were an exsprestion of the spirit of the times and im my opinion they reflected the attitude of the year perfectly.


Library source: Vogue May-Aug. 1982

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Politics in 1982

Politics in 1982 is based around the economy. During this specific year President Ronald Reagan focuses on the economy of the United States. His main goal was to create an economy recovery program based on supply-side economics. Basically his goals would be to heighten the spending of individuals instead of higher tax rates. Article approving budget.

An important event that took place in 1982 was the building and dedication of the Vietnam Veteran's War Memorial. This may have affected many people's live, both good and bad. This was a a very controversial memorial and one to keep in mind.

Style and Trends in 1982

WOMEN: While looking at various scholarly journals and websites online I found that some of the Fall fashion styles and trends for 1982 included the use of suede and leathers. Dark colors like brown and black were popular among fall and winter apparel and were used in accessories as well such as leather gloves, scarves, and headbands. Headbands were at their peak in 1982 and first became popular in this year.
Some trends and styles of 1982 included Ra- Ra skirts that lasted only a few years and was worn by young girls as well as brightly colored shirts with geometric shapes (young men also wore various colors and patterned shirts). Moreover, cloaks, leather wear, fun party attire, flea market purchases, retro influenced long gowns and evening dresses. Also, the baroque style cam back and influenced blouses and shirts.Moreover, leg warmers also took a plunge into fashionable wear and were worn by many as a fashionable look verses functional wear. I believe the most important social movement that took place in the eighties was the womens workforce movement which obviously impacted the scene of apparel and fashion. Women started to wear power clothing including: trousers, blouses, and two piece suits with shoulder pads. The silhouette changed from a slim fit to a combination look of the fifties and sixties. In addition, geometric shapes were also used in jewelry. From art influences, art deco designs and geometric shapes were used in earring fashion and necklace fashion as well.

MEN:The most obvious change in 1982 apparel for men was the rise in primary colors and bold striping on various shirts and blouses. active sportswear was at a peak and was worn on the everyday common man. Sun washed shades was the title of mens wear during summer of 1982. This meant pastel colors with the use of color variation, wide striping, oxford weaves, and broadcloth. Also, the main textiles that were used during this period were herringbone, tartan plaids, beefier knits than in 1981, black and white shirting and two faced denim. However, denim was not the only casual pant worn, rugby pants also became popular for casual dress. Suiting had only subtle changes and overall was kept the same from 1980-1982. In contrast, men's dress ties were made a little wider by about one to one and three fourths inches.

The most important movement in fashion during this period was the rag trade which changed policies and adjusted trading through imports and exports. Thus, having an effect on the industry. Also, the economy shifted leaving people with more disposable income, as a result people spent money on fashion and high society rose. Haute couture was still rising and more people were taking part in luxurious spending. This rise in disposable income inspired designers to create more lines, thus delivering a new collection every six months. Celebrities fueled the fashion scene in the eighties as well as models and fashion designs. The trickle down theory can be applied, as celebrities were seen as innovators and were followed by the subculture and mass people.

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Architecture of 1982

When researching architecture in 1982, I saw a lot of unique geometric designs. I researched skyscarpers, houses in the suburbs and houses of the rich and famous. Skyscrapers that were built in 1982 were around 45-50 stories high, and had a stair step design on the roofs. The stair look is repeated on sides of buildings vertically seen in the Georgia Pacific Tower on the left, and horizontally seen in the picture down below. This was also the decade of the mirrored buildings and many buildings built in 1982 had the mirrored windows.

Houses in the suburbs looked a lot like typical houses of today and the past. Houses of celebrities were a different story though. The windows created a grid pattern, there were different angles and shapes to the roofs and I even saw a repeat of the stair pattern in pool on the picture to the right. Some houses were very boxy and seemed to be influence by the craze of modern art, but some had curved corners at the roof edge and the side edges. Windows also took up entire walls of some houses.
The theme between trendy houses seemed to be very geometrical. I see a lot of shapes when I look at the houses and skyscrapers. Squares are definitely popular, but with the house to the right I see triangles as well. The way this relates to fashion is the boxy silhouettes and geometric patterns seen in garments of 1982.
1981-1982 Archives of Architectural Digest

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media 1982

Media 1982

popular TV programmes in 1982

Dynasty(power dressing): premiering as three-hour movie on January 12, 1981, the prime-time soap opera Dynasty aired on the American Broadcasting Company (ABC) until 1989. Dynasty quickly worked its way into the top-five rated programs, finishing fifth for the 1982-83 season and third for the 1982-84 season. The program relied on both camp and excess for its appeal. It characters and plot lines were sometimes absurd and broadly drawn, but it was the trappings of wealth, glamor, and fashion that drew viewers in some 70 countries to the program. With a weekly budget of $1.2 million($10,000 of which went for clothing alone, including at least ten Nolan Miller creations per episode), Dynasty placed more emphasis on style than on plot.

source: (Book) Encyclopedia of Television second edition p771-773 published in 2004 by Fitzroy Dearborn An imprint of the Taylor & Francis Group 270 Madison Avenue New York, New York 10016

Dallas(1978-1991): The first of a genre to be named "prime-time soup"by television critics, established the features of serial plots involving feuding families and moral excess that would characterize all other programs of the type. the first season was started on April 1978, and the last seasons ends May 1991. The show was top rated on September 1981-April 1982. On September 1982-April1983, It was second rated.
source: (book) Encyclopedia of Television second edition.P649-652. Published in 2004 by Fitzroy Dearborn. An imprint of the Taylor & Francis Group. 270 Madison Avenue. New York, New York 10016.
The complete Directory to Prime Time Network and Cable TV Shows 1946-Present. A Ballantine Book. Published by The Random house Publishing Group.


Famous musicians and songs

Olivia newton John- Physical released in 1981 and been popular until end of January, 1982.


Survivor(group)-Eye of the Tiger released January 1, 1982. The song for film,Rocky III which third installment of Rockey series.

Paul McCartney & Steve Wonder-Ebony and Ivory, released on March 29,1982.

Ebony means black, Ivory means white. It represented the

colors of keys of piano, but also, their integration of ethnicity.

Relation of fashion, Race, and culture and media
Media is very effective to give poeple information of fashion. Those heavy make up and the wealthy look on the TV shows, Dinasty and Dallas are also showen on the magazine on 1982. Dinasty spend a lot of money for the fashion. There are many dramas which advertise current and new-coming looks,but this is very rare when I compared with other old TV programs before 1982. Music has also relation with other elements, such as fashion, culture, and ethinicity. It seems like that sport look was very popular on 1982. The trend of the sport look was definately affected by the Rocky series. Also, music was good presentation tool of social movement. Paul McCartney and Steve Wonder released the song which represented the intergration of colors.

Interior Design of 1982

The wallpaper craze was apparent in 1982. Every room was decorated in floral wallpaper with couches to match. The trend seemed to be to cover your furniture with the exact same pattern that the wallpaper had. This was done in bedrooms, dining rooms, living rooms, kitchens and bathrooms. There was also a monochromatic theme to some rooms. Some rooms everything from the walls, furniture, carpet and decorations were all one color. The main colors included, cream, pale pink, greens and blues. From
interviews I also learned appliances in kitchens followed the color trends. The picture on the right shows a house of one of my interviewees, and you can see the green stove, oven and floor. The interviewee said this color was very popular and all of their kitchen appliances were this shade of green.

Another trend I noticed was the mod design of some of the rooms. This included geometric designs, the use of mirrors as decoration, and glass tables such as the one seen at the bottom of the picture on the right. In these houses there was not as much decoration on the walls and the colors were mostly cream, white or black. Another element to this trend was curved edges on counters and ceiling, which is also shown in the exterior design of the houses as well.

The trends of floral wallpaper and curved furniture was apparent in 1981 als well. It has just developed to more exaggerated patterns and colors in 1982. Something I have also seen is the colored appilances in kitchens. Green is a popular color for appliances which has developed from the popularity of the color in the late 70s early 80s.

Just as popular as the colors were in fashion were the colors associated with interior design trends. Greens, blues, and pastels repeated themselves in the patterns and decor of houses as well as the patterns and prints of fashion in 1982. Florals took over 1982 as well as monotone rooms. The theme between the fashion and interior design was the bold designs and statements that pulled you in.

References: Architectural Digest, January-December 1982 and October-December 1981. Interviews, and

The export trading company act 1982

The Export trading Company Act by President Reagan on Oct. 6, 1982 (ETC)
For the expanding of trade, ETC allows small and medium-sized business to sell abroad and get some available capital to export their products to overseas, access to information about the foreign markets by bank, and measure of certainty for exporters' antitrust exemptions.The act encourage small and medium-size firms to expand thier business into larger scale by been allowed to offer economics of sclae in financing, including credit services, market analysis, distibution channels, compliance with American & foreign import-export regulations, advertising, accounting overseas offices, transportation, insurances and warehousing.

source: BNET Business Network(Internet)
Document: A shot in the Arm or American Export

Start to 1982 technology research

1982 market an important year for technology, the computer was really beginning to explode and people were taking note of the new conveniences of modern technology. So many advances in computer science are being made that Times magazine names THE COMPUTER the man of the year. The first CD player is sold in Japan and the mass make a high demand for smaller cheaper electronics. Human insulin produced by bacteria is sold for the first time which launches genetic engineering into the public eye. We are advancing in space as well as in computers and the Soviets land their spaceship Vanera 13 on Venus where it sends color photos back to earth. Weather also is now available to the masses when The Weather Channel airs on cable for the first time in history.
This is the beginning of my research into the technology of 1982, so far I think that the thing they were doing with technology in 1982 were very influential on the culture as a whole. There were some major changes going on and I’m sure it found its way to the fashion aspect of the times. The computer is a huge part of our culture today so it is very interesting to see how it got its start. I am looking forward to looking into this topic further.

Sources: Websites
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Strategic Planning

I. Question: How will we find the spirit of the times through the hidden currents that will allow us to anticipate the future for Butler Bag?

A. Execution

1. Research Butler Bag. Find out general information on the company. Look at all the product. Evaluate the consumers.

2. Research current and past colors, trends, styles, outliers:

a. The year assigned to the team to research is 1982. The team will also be researching the year 2008. Below are the assigned sub categories and the team member responsible for each.

* The context
-Interior/exterior, architecture: Adrienne
-Food, Media: Yumi
-Technology, cell phones, iPods, laptops: Tyler
-the current politics: Emily
-International, Regional: Yumi
-Make up, Men’s lifestyle, Women’s lifestyle: Emily

* The Product
-Color: Tyler
-Style: Shainna
-Trends: Shainna
-Fiber, Finish, AATCC, Cotton Inc: Research as group
-What is selling: Shainna
-What is a flop: Adrienne
-Major Designers/accessories: Shainna
-Price Points: Tyler

* The end user
-Demographic or behavioral research to be developed.

*means of finding past trends: look online, check out links provided by Lorainna and Debbi , online databases, contact companies to find out financial/annual reports, call butler bag and ask for past advertisements, magazines.

3. Locate hidden currents.

a. At team meeting interpret data to find any hidden currents and assign the research into different parts.

4. Research companies and their past and present trends.

a. Using the information the other teams compiled on the website from past and present years, go in and find if there is any information on trends.

5. Questions to keep in mind:

a. Where is Butler Bag going?
b. Are they going to try and branch to a different target market?
c. Will they stay traditional or follow trends?
d. What will the colors and styles be for the upcoming seasons?
e. Will the “BIG” bag still be popular?
f. Can any improvements be made to butler bag?
g. If economy gets worse will people still be willing to pay the higher pricec of butler bag?
h. Can Butler Bag branch out to men?

6. Be creative! Apply all knowledge gained and brainstorm.

7. Assign more positions as needed and as research develops/ideas come up.

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Rockin the Fashion Beat Barbies

Welcome to Rockin the Fashion Beat Barbies! We are so glad to introduce you to our lovely team. Here we hope that some of our ideas and excellence can come to help you. We are so excited to work with Butler Bag. Welcome to our team…

Hello, my name is Shainna Williams and I am a senior at Washington State University. I am an apparel design major within the Apparel, Merchandising, Design and Textiles program. As a passionate fan of apparel and accessories, I am honored to have the opportunity to design for Butler Bag and introduce an innovative handbag for the 2010 year! Thank you for your time and consideration and I look forward to presenting my ideas.

Hi my name is Adrienne Duval. This is my last year here at WSU. I will be graduating with a degree in Apparel Merchandising with a Minor in Business Administration. This is my first experience with forecasting and I am excited to dig into the process and work with Butler Bag to get real industry experience.

Hi I am Emily Spilker! I am currently a junior fashion design student at Washington State University. I love the exciting and challenging world of fashion. My dream is to one day create my own clothing label and/or open my own boutique. I am so excited to have this amazing opportunity to share some of my knowledge, creativity, and ideas.

Hello, my name is Tyler Wisdom and I major in Apparel Merchandising at WSU. I am very passionate about the fashion industry more specifically the visual merchandising aspect of it. I have always loved the glamour and mystery of the fashion world and I hope to one day be apart of it. I hope to use my degree to get the skills I need to eventually get a job in the industry that challenges me on many levels but more importantly that I love. There are so many great learning opportunities out there and am glad to be apart of one of them.

My name is Yumi Miyahira. I am from Japan. I am a junior student in a fashion merchandising major. Since I am from the place that fashion trends go around and change so fast, I become to be interested in the business in fashion industry. Also, I am studying in the U.S because I want to explore world.