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Style and Trends in 1982

WOMEN: While looking at various scholarly journals and websites online I found that some of the Fall fashion styles and trends for 1982 included the use of suede and leathers. Dark colors like brown and black were popular among fall and winter apparel and were used in accessories as well such as leather gloves, scarves, and headbands. Headbands were at their peak in 1982 and first became popular in this year.
Some trends and styles of 1982 included Ra- Ra skirts that lasted only a few years and was worn by young girls as well as brightly colored shirts with geometric shapes (young men also wore various colors and patterned shirts). Moreover, cloaks, leather wear, fun party attire, flea market purchases, retro influenced long gowns and evening dresses. Also, the baroque style cam back and influenced blouses and shirts.Moreover, leg warmers also took a plunge into fashionable wear and were worn by many as a fashionable look verses functional wear. I believe the most important social movement that took place in the eighties was the womens workforce movement which obviously impacted the scene of apparel and fashion. Women started to wear power clothing including: trousers, blouses, and two piece suits with shoulder pads. The silhouette changed from a slim fit to a combination look of the fifties and sixties. In addition, geometric shapes were also used in jewelry. From art influences, art deco designs and geometric shapes were used in earring fashion and necklace fashion as well.

MEN:The most obvious change in 1982 apparel for men was the rise in primary colors and bold striping on various shirts and blouses. active sportswear was at a peak and was worn on the everyday common man. Sun washed shades was the title of mens wear during summer of 1982. This meant pastel colors with the use of color variation, wide striping, oxford weaves, and broadcloth. Also, the main textiles that were used during this period were herringbone, tartan plaids, beefier knits than in 1981, black and white shirting and two faced denim. However, denim was not the only casual pant worn, rugby pants also became popular for casual dress. Suiting had only subtle changes and overall was kept the same from 1980-1982. In contrast, men's dress ties were made a little wider by about one to one and three fourths inches.

The most important movement in fashion during this period was the rag trade which changed policies and adjusted trading through imports and exports. Thus, having an effect on the industry. Also, the economy shifted leaving people with more disposable income, as a result people spent money on fashion and high society rose. Haute couture was still rising and more people were taking part in luxurious spending. This rise in disposable income inspired designers to create more lines, thus delivering a new collection every six months. Celebrities fueled the fashion scene in the eighties as well as models and fashion designs. The trickle down theory can be applied, as celebrities were seen as innovators and were followed by the subculture and mass people.

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