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media 1982

Media 1982

popular TV programmes in 1982

Dynasty(power dressing): premiering as three-hour movie on January 12, 1981, the prime-time soap opera Dynasty aired on the American Broadcasting Company (ABC) until 1989. Dynasty quickly worked its way into the top-five rated programs, finishing fifth for the 1982-83 season and third for the 1982-84 season. The program relied on both camp and excess for its appeal. It characters and plot lines were sometimes absurd and broadly drawn, but it was the trappings of wealth, glamor, and fashion that drew viewers in some 70 countries to the program. With a weekly budget of $1.2 million($10,000 of which went for clothing alone, including at least ten Nolan Miller creations per episode), Dynasty placed more emphasis on style than on plot.

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Dallas(1978-1991): The first of a genre to be named "prime-time soup"by television critics, established the features of serial plots involving feuding families and moral excess that would characterize all other programs of the type. the first season was started on April 1978, and the last seasons ends May 1991. The show was top rated on September 1981-April 1982. On September 1982-April1983, It was second rated.
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Famous musicians and songs

Olivia newton John- Physical released in 1981 and been popular until end of January, 1982.


Survivor(group)-Eye of the Tiger released January 1, 1982. The song for film,Rocky III which third installment of Rockey series.

Paul McCartney & Steve Wonder-Ebony and Ivory, released on March 29,1982.

Ebony means black, Ivory means white. It represented the

colors of keys of piano, but also, their integration of ethnicity.

Relation of fashion, Race, and culture and media
Media is very effective to give poeple information of fashion. Those heavy make up and the wealthy look on the TV shows, Dinasty and Dallas are also showen on the magazine on 1982. Dinasty spend a lot of money for the fashion. There are many dramas which advertise current and new-coming looks,but this is very rare when I compared with other old TV programs before 1982. Music has also relation with other elements, such as fashion, culture, and ethinicity. It seems like that sport look was very popular on 1982. The trend of the sport look was definately affected by the Rocky series. Also, music was good presentation tool of social movement. Paul McCartney and Steve Wonder released the song which represented the intergration of colors.

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