Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Interior Design of 1982

The wallpaper craze was apparent in 1982. Every room was decorated in floral wallpaper with couches to match. The trend seemed to be to cover your furniture with the exact same pattern that the wallpaper had. This was done in bedrooms, dining rooms, living rooms, kitchens and bathrooms. There was also a monochromatic theme to some rooms. Some rooms everything from the walls, furniture, carpet and decorations were all one color. The main colors included, cream, pale pink, greens and blues. From
interviews I also learned appliances in kitchens followed the color trends. The picture on the right shows a house of one of my interviewees, and you can see the green stove, oven and floor. The interviewee said this color was very popular and all of their kitchen appliances were this shade of green.

Another trend I noticed was the mod design of some of the rooms. This included geometric designs, the use of mirrors as decoration, and glass tables such as the one seen at the bottom of the picture on the right. In these houses there was not as much decoration on the walls and the colors were mostly cream, white or black. Another element to this trend was curved edges on counters and ceiling, which is also shown in the exterior design of the houses as well.

The trends of floral wallpaper and curved furniture was apparent in 1981 als well. It has just developed to more exaggerated patterns and colors in 1982. Something I have also seen is the colored appilances in kitchens. Green is a popular color for appliances which has developed from the popularity of the color in the late 70s early 80s.

Just as popular as the colors were in fashion were the colors associated with interior design trends. Greens, blues, and pastels repeated themselves in the patterns and decor of houses as well as the patterns and prints of fashion in 1982. Florals took over 1982 as well as monotone rooms. The theme between the fashion and interior design was the bold designs and statements that pulled you in.

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