Friday, September 26, 2008

Architecture of 1982

When researching architecture in 1982, I saw a lot of unique geometric designs. I researched skyscarpers, houses in the suburbs and houses of the rich and famous. Skyscrapers that were built in 1982 were around 45-50 stories high, and had a stair step design on the roofs. The stair look is repeated on sides of buildings vertically seen in the Georgia Pacific Tower on the left, and horizontally seen in the picture down below. This was also the decade of the mirrored buildings and many buildings built in 1982 had the mirrored windows.

Houses in the suburbs looked a lot like typical houses of today and the past. Houses of celebrities were a different story though. The windows created a grid pattern, there were different angles and shapes to the roofs and I even saw a repeat of the stair pattern in pool on the picture to the right. Some houses were very boxy and seemed to be influence by the craze of modern art, but some had curved corners at the roof edge and the side edges. Windows also took up entire walls of some houses.
The theme between trendy houses seemed to be very geometrical. I see a lot of shapes when I look at the houses and skyscrapers. Squares are definitely popular, but with the house to the right I see triangles as well. The way this relates to fashion is the boxy silhouettes and geometric patterns seen in garments of 1982.
1981-1982 Archives of Architectural Digest

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