Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Start to 1982 technology research

1982 market an important year for technology, the computer was really beginning to explode and people were taking note of the new conveniences of modern technology. So many advances in computer science are being made that Times magazine names THE COMPUTER the man of the year. The first CD player is sold in Japan and the mass make a high demand for smaller cheaper electronics. Human insulin produced by bacteria is sold for the first time which launches genetic engineering into the public eye. We are advancing in space as well as in computers and the Soviets land their spaceship Vanera 13 on Venus where it sends color photos back to earth. Weather also is now available to the masses when The Weather Channel airs on cable for the first time in history.
This is the beginning of my research into the technology of 1982, so far I think that the thing they were doing with technology in 1982 were very influential on the culture as a whole. There were some major changes going on and I’m sure it found its way to the fashion aspect of the times. The computer is a huge part of our culture today so it is very interesting to see how it got its start. I am looking forward to looking into this topic further.

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