Monday, September 29, 2008

The Color of 1982

1982 was filled with many colors from all ranges of the spectrum. There were heavy blacks for going out and pastels for when you wanted that feminen feel. However with all thoses colors there was a color trend that really stood out from all the rest in the fashion world and it was primaries. Bold primary colors such as yellow, red, green and blue were huge in 1982. Especially red, seen as a bold empowerd color was a faviorite among the confidents modern women. The 80's were all about over the top statments, the bigger the better and the brighter the better, this was very apparent in the color trends of the day. It extended from the color of the cars to the clothes and even to the makeup selections which were far from subtle. All in all the colors of the 80's were an exsprestion of the spirit of the times and im my opinion they reflected the attitude of the year perfectly.


Library source: Vogue May-Aug. 1982

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