Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Fashion Flops of 1982

When searching for the worst dressed and fashion flops of 1982 celebrities are what come up on the search list. They are the ones who try and be innovators and bring a new look to the nation that hopefully the masses will follow. Those who tried to branch out and bring life to a party were criticized for these looks in 1982. Liz Taylor was attacked for wearing over sized pajamas out, bird feathers, tiaras, and cowboy hats. Mr. T was criticized for his everyday dress as well. This consisted of his combat boots, chest-baring vests, sweatpants and the abundance of jewelry that covered his body. They even added up how much the 100 necklaces, 7 earrings, 14 ankle chains, and 10 rings weighed coming to a total of 20 pounds. Head scarves, lace-up boots, and see-through skirts were also frowned upon. Some celebrities even got appraised at wearing $5,000 evening gowns that looked like they came from a low-budget horror film.

Other flops include many of Cher’s outrageous costumes which were skin tight leopard pants, long, dangling earrings, purple or black hair, and huge, vintage sunglasses. Tight pants for men were also discouraged along with more army attire such as nylon army boots, olive drab hats, and paratrooper warm ups. Another celebrity was railed for wearing a ankle-length sable coat over a snakeskin jumpsuit.

Some of these images of celebrities have not left others views of how they dress. Some, such as Mr. T, still dress this way today. They must not have let making the worst dressed list affect them. Cher is still known for her outrageous outfits and bold style, and is considered one of the most beautiful people to some. The way these celebrities dress is how we get to know them and how they express their individuality. Mr. T and Cher will always be remembered for their crazy styles and we will never cease to be amazed at how they pull them off.

Source: Archive of People Magazine 1980-83

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