Friday, October 3, 2008

food in 1982

Major food in 1982 Per capita consumption
meat, poultry, and fish
Red meat 119.8
Poultry 42.2
Fish 12.4
Total 174.4

Eggs 33.9
Dairy Products 554.6

Fats and oils
Animal 11.4
Vegetable 46.8
Total 58.3

Peanuts 6.0
Flour and cereal products 147.7
Tree nuts 2.3

Selected fruits
Fresh 107.4
canned 19.5
Frozen 2.8
Dried 2.6
Selected juices 59.0

Selected vegetables
Fresh 148.6
For canning 95.1
For Freezing 54.3
Dehydrated and chips 12.4
Pulses 17.1

Caloric sweeteners 120.4
Coffee 7.4

Basically, the numbers of the per capita consumption of 1982 were increased from previous year, 1981, and those numbers are increased in next year, 1983. The numbers of per capita consumption had been increased though 19870-95 by an economic research service report. Especially, Freezing veritable and flour and cereal products increased a lot. I think that the fact that people have tended to concern about their health more affected this number. Also, those frozen vegetable and flour and cereal products had been fit people's life style more and more. however, the number of per capita consumption of coffee has been decreased. The bad effect, such as addiction, has been told by doctors and scientists, and some people have actually been trying to save the amount of coffee they drink. By the table, the major food hasn't been changed a lot, but the number of people buy has been changed by their life style and health concern.

Source: Food Consumption,Prices, and Expenditures, 1970-95. Judith Jones Ptnam, Jane E. Allshouse. United States Department of Agriculture. pg 35.

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