Sunday, October 26, 2008

Color 2002-2006

2002: In 2002, the color palette began with bolder colors and transformed in Autumn/Winter with very neutral tones. Black became important in this season to tie in with neutrals and tonal dark's. Also, warm and cool blends merged to develop a classic statement. Marble white was used a highlighter of color as well as blackened tones which enhanced dark green, greys and blues. Warm oranges and amber tones also enhanced the color mix.

This color story describes the palette in 2003. The tones were paler and also had a more whitened palette, opposed to the previous year which incorporated darker tones. In 2003, the colors were also neutral. The important colors were blue, green, coral, and neutral yellow.

2004: In this year, the colors expanded with golden tones and silvery highlights. The yellow was of a golden tone whereas the blues were metallic and dark. Bold rouge and aqua green stand out in this year as major color changes, as well as light-reflective blush.

2005: In this year, softened coral cast tones of orange and blush stood out as most prevalent. Rich purple was also noticed and used in interior textiles as well as on the runway. Rich greens also dominated the scene, where silvery shades still kept its purpose as a strong part of the palette.

2006: Yellow greens emerged in this year as well as neutral greys. Softened nudes and rich orange shades also dominated this year. Moreover, pink and purple were saturated and were used in high contrast tones. Pink and red fused with orange to create coral, copper and peach tones.

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