Saturday, October 11, 2008

World news in 1982

Falkland Islands war end- Argentina VS England. England was already dominated Falkland Island in Argentina since 1833, but Argentina vocaled that they took over the place from Spain on 1816.

EL Chichon Volcano's great eruption-killed 2000 people who lived near.

Suspicious individual proceeded Queen Elizabeth's bedroom in Buckingham Palace.

The 12th world cup played in Spain-Italy captured the victory.

Sony's CD players big hit in Japan.

Mild cigar and law tar tobacco big hit in japan.

First AIDS case is discovered in LA in the USA. - Until then, the disease wasn't certify even though many similar cases were reported in Africa.

CNN headline news, Network CNN 2 was started.

Princes Grace died , England.

Permanent artificial heart implanted in human for the first time at University of Utah Medical Center in USA.

Sign up for the Joint communique between China & USA-This communication mansion the amount of confinement of the weapon to sell to Taiwan.

sport's fashion became popular in Japan -affected by the movie "Chariot of fire".

Pro-wrestling and aerobics were prevalent in Japan.

The number of jobless labor approached 10 million in the US.

Genocidal in Guatemala by a president, Rios Monto.

Fashion J

I found some interesting things. In 1982, the sport fashion was popular in both of America and Japan. Japanese trend was influenced by American fashion trend by the movie and music. Japanese fashion was already started to follow American fashion in 1982. Also, I can see that people started to care about the bad effect by cigarette. Finally, the number of jobless labor apporached a big number in 1982. The one of the reasons why can be that many industries lost thier position by expanding import as I found in previous research of internatioanl trade.
I can say that 1982 was not very happy year since the low rate of employment and the genocidal. However, developing technology was fine things, for example sucess of implantation artificial heart to human body and diffusion of CD players. The technology on the medical field and music devices have been definately developed greatly since 1982.

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