Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Handbags in 1982

After researching a few websites, I noticed a few similarities in the accessories and handbags that were popular in 1982. The trend was casual for day and handbags such as small leather ones with long straps ( shown to the left) were trendy among middle aged women.
This photograph depicts one of the stylish colors that was popular in the time period(red) and also shows a classic casual look.

Along with the red bridle leather shoulder strap bag, Dooney and Bourke also designed similar handbag designs in 1982. The picture below shows a more nuetral color, and also has the duck branding for Dooney and Bourke. Similar to the red purse, It is also constructed from leather and has a long adjustable strap for the woman on the go. I believe designers of 1982 incorporated the extendable strap for women who wanted to be trendy but were also on the go, more specifically, the working woman. Since the 1980's were all about power dress, the handbag shown definitely accents that particular style.

Handbags were also fun in th 1980's! One of the handbags I found, is gold and was worn for nights on the town ad for the party seen. It is similar to a modern day clutch or coin purse in size.
While reading archives in the new york times, I found an article that described a new style of handbag that was popular in Europe. These were highly fashionable and started in Paris and was worn for evening wear. The handbags were made of fur or feathers and was part of the couture collections for fall and winters seasons in 1982. Although, this was a more luxurious style of bag, it is easy for one to connect this garish style with the momentum of the 1980's.

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