Monday, October 6, 2008

Consumer Lifestyle

Men and Women:

A study done in the October issue of Consumer Reoports magazine in 1982 figured out what price range of trench coats the american consumer were most likely to buy. The purchases ranged anywhere from a $105.00 trenchcoat from JC Penney to a $675.00 coat from Burberry.

*This information can be found in the Holland Library Consumer Reports magazine
October 1982 issue.

Here are some salaries of men and women's jobs in the US during 1982:
  • Dentist: $38,000-61,000
  • Experienced Salesperson: $27,000
  • Inexperiences Salesperson: $15,000
  • Firefighter: $20,180
  • Nurse: $20,000
  • Truckdriver: $22,000-$30,000
  • Airline Pilot: $48,000
  • Teacher: $16,980
  • Policeman: $15,000-$22,008
* These salaries can be found in the Good Housekeeping magazine, the March edition of 1982, pg. 220.

To understand the women as a consumer, it is important to know which women were highly admired in this year. A poll done in Good Housekeeping magazine says that Mother Theresea, Nansy Reagan, and Princess Diana of Wales are the top three. Princess Diana and her fashions are in fact referred to in many different issues of Good Housekeeping. To the right is an example of the fashions coming from Princess Diana that influenced womens buying patterns.

Men: Like understanding the woman as a consumer, to understand the man it is also necessary to see who the most admired men of the year were. Among the top ten were Ronald Reagan, Alan Alda, and Pope John Paul II. In the many issues of Men's Wear Magazine from 1982 you will find that sportswear is becoming much more popular for men. Dress shirts are still being purchased, however sport shirts are becoming popular as well. Another aspect of men's dress that is beginning to appear in 1982 is the use of stripes. Men are starting to buy shirts with stripes.

* Below is a graph showing the monthly retail sales right before the year 1982. The sales have spiked each year since 1979 right around Nov-Jan.

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