Saturday, October 11, 2008

Celebrity Style influences in 1982

Celebrities, musicians, and fashion designers were known as the main innovators and trend setters in the 1980's. The consumers looked to the media to develop clothing styles and thought of celebrities as style icons. As I read an article in the People magazine archive I discovered that trickle down theory can be easily applied to the style and trends of fashion movement in year of 1982. The most influential woman in this time frame was Princess Diana, who was not only admired for her generosity and character but her sense of style as well. She started the fashionable cloak along with low cut gowns that were sleek and stylish.

Moreover, Brooke Sheilds was an influential, fashionable girl who made in impact between her Calvin Klein jeans commercials and movie roles. She was a memeber of the fashion community as well, being a model. She made headways for the CK commericals that were showcasted as well as chiffon dresses, which she appeared in for various award shows.

Steve Martin wore fedoras and plaid with silk shirts and appealed to a variety of men and women. He was known for his comedic genius and was also recognized as a best dressed person in the 1982 issue of People.

Last and but not least, Girogio Armani made headways with his enduring fashion styles and designs. He designed beautiful, timeless suits for men that can be remembered for years and have been recognized by comsumers and the media.

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