Sunday, October 5, 2008

makeup in 1982

The 1982 style of makeup is all about experimenting with color. Lip color is shown as big and bold. Most of the makeup advertisements in Vogue are regarding lip color and lipstick. Lipstick is very popular in colors such as red, coral, and pink. The bright lipstick style has been adopted by almost all women at this time. It is not only shown in adds through Vogue, but also in magazine such as Good Housekeeping (which targets the everyday woman).

There are many different colors of eyeshadows being experimented with. Anywhere from bright brights to pastel to earth tones. Color pallets are highly advertised such as the eyeshadow shown in the picture to the right which was taken out of the Vogue from May of 1982.

It is stated in the Consumer's Research Magazine in May of 1982, that at this time, over $8 billion dollars are being spent on cosmetics a year. People have more of a disposable income which is causing the more expressive and bold make up styles of 1982. The bold makeup is also related to the more expensive dress. The more confident people become in their dress, the more people express themselves with their makeup.

Below is a commercial advertising lipstick in 1982.

Synthesis: Disposable income can lead to more makeup and fashion purchases which will allow for more experimentation and confidence. This can cause woman to choose from a wider variety of colors and mainly go for bolder colors.

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