Sunday, October 5, 2008

Designers to remember from 1982

Since designers were considered high status innovators of the 1980's period. Many of them can be recognized as major fashion designers of 1982. One of the most remembered designer of this period woukd be Azzedine Alaia, a designer that transformed the body with the use of suede, viscose, and lycra. His dress shown to the right was constructed from wool and nylon.

Claude Montana can be recognized for using leather beginning in the late seventies and early eighties. He was a young parisian ready-to-wear designer who was innovative and made leather fit the body well.

Stephen jones, unlike many of the designers of the time used the ronmantic period and movement to signify his fashion and decipher innovative designes for his clients.

Giorgio Armani, still a stimeless male designer was huge in the eighties. He is recognized for his large success in men's suiting and mens wear as welll as crumpled fabrics which was introduced in the early eighties.

Ralph Lauren blew up in 82 and began designing new styles not only in women and mens wear but in luggage, home textiles, leather, shoes, sportswear, and eyewear.

Manolo Blahnik and Adidas were two major names in shoe design in the eighties and were mainstream designers for women and men. Adidas was also worn by an aray of celebrities, including the rap group RunDMC.

Parisian fashion was one of the major movements of this time period and influenced designers like, Claude Montana. This moevement was significant because it allowed consumers to purchase Paris influenced clothing. This style was chic and looked high end and was considered luxurious, which was perfect for the consumers of 1982, as they had a tendency to partake in luxurious spending and were more diposable with their income. Fashion was huge in the eighties and the designers of the time were the innovators and the hierarchy who controlled the market through design and uniquenss of the apparel constructed.

Refashioning the Rag trade by Michael Webber and Sally Weller
Fashion the twentieth century by Francois Baudot

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