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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Forecasting Survey Rockin the Fashion Beat Barbies

Butler Bag Forecasting Challenge

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Survey Results

We conducted two surveys over the curse of this project; the first was a general guideline to get to know our target market better. We felt that the first survey would give us a starting point to base our line off of. The second survey was more specific; it asked questions about our prototype bag and about details and colors. We learned so much from these surveys, the results turned out to be very informative about who our customer was and what they want and need from a handbag.

First survey results:

Bag size
Small 38%
Medium 52%
Large 10%

Strap length
Short 19%
Medium 57%
Long 24%

Do you Prefer
Print 33%
Solid 67%

Functional outside 38%
Functional inside 10%
Decrative outside 52%
Decrotive inside 0%

$50-$75 48%
$75-$100 33%
$100-$150 5%
$150-$200 14%

Preferd color for Fall
Brown 45%
Black 29%
Green 17%
Red 10%

Least Favorite Fall Color
White 62%
Pink 24%
Brights 14%

Second survey results:
Part I Answer the questions in part one in regards to the handbag pictured above.

1. Would you buy the bag shown above, for $175.00 if the exterior fabric was organic leather and the interior fabric was an organic silk?

Split about 50%- 50%

2. Would it matter to you if the bag was organic?

Split about 50%-50%

3. Would you be more likely or less likely to buy an organic bag?
80% = More likely

4. Do you like the shape of the bag?

Majority said yes

5. Would you like the above bag to have…?

A. longer straps

b. shorter straps

c. one strap

d. other

e. it’s fine the way it is
A & E were the most popular responses

6. Would you like the straps on the bag to be adjustable?

92% =Yes

7. What kind of buckle would you prefer for closure on the bag above?

a. a faux buckle with a snap underneathb.

b. an actual bucklec.

c. no buckle

Majority said A

8. Would you prefer a zipper closure in addition to the buckle?

78% =Yes

9. How many pockets would you prefer on the outside of the bag?

a. one

b. two

c. three

d. other
Majority said B

10. For a lining fabric, would you prefer:

a. printed

b. solid

c. other
Split about 50%-50%

11. For an exterior fabric would you prefer: (circle all that apply)

a. printed

b. solid

c. patent

d. leather

e. linen

f. other

Majority said B,C & D

Part II

1. Would you buy a clutch or wallet similar to the handbag shown before? Yes No
Majority said Yes

2. Would you prefer to purchase a bag that…?

a. Was your own personal style

b. inspired/ influenced by current trends

c. combines your personal style with current trends
Majority said C

3. What is the biggest factor when purchasing a handbag?

a. color

b. function (good storage, i.e. Small or large bag as needed)

c. style (fashionable)

d. durability

e.other (please list)
Majority said B

4. What makes a bag worth more to you?

a. name brand

b. fabric it is made of

c. style

d. other (please list)
Majority said C

5. Would you like your bag to have one color or multiple colors?
78%= One Color

6. Would you purchase a bag of any of the following colors? (Choose all that apply)

a. dark olive green

b. a brighter navy blue

c. deep purple

d. glittering gold/bronze

e. lighter green

f. deep brown

g. Taupe

7. Do you prefer lots of detail in a handbag? Yes No
Split about evenly 50%-50%

8. What kind of details do you prefer?

a. buckles

b. buttons

c. topstitching

d. other (list)
Majority said A &E

9. What kind of closure do you prefer in a handbag?

a. zipper

b. flap

c. buckle

d. snap

e. other (list)
Majority said A &B

10. What kind of closure do you prefer for a clutch?

a. zipper

b. flap

c. buckle

d. snap

e. other (list)
Majority said B &D

11. Would you prefer a slouchy or structured handbag?
71%= Structured

*Thank you so much for taking the time out of your day for this survey, it will help us tremendously.