Sunday, September 21, 2008

Strategic Planning

I. Question: How will we find the spirit of the times through the hidden currents that will allow us to anticipate the future for Butler Bag?

A. Execution

1. Research Butler Bag. Find out general information on the company. Look at all the product. Evaluate the consumers.

2. Research current and past colors, trends, styles, outliers:

a. The year assigned to the team to research is 1982. The team will also be researching the year 2008. Below are the assigned sub categories and the team member responsible for each.

* The context
-Interior/exterior, architecture: Adrienne
-Food, Media: Yumi
-Technology, cell phones, iPods, laptops: Tyler
-the current politics: Emily
-International, Regional: Yumi
-Make up, Men’s lifestyle, Women’s lifestyle: Emily

* The Product
-Color: Tyler
-Style: Shainna
-Trends: Shainna
-Fiber, Finish, AATCC, Cotton Inc: Research as group
-What is selling: Shainna
-What is a flop: Adrienne
-Major Designers/accessories: Shainna
-Price Points: Tyler

* The end user
-Demographic or behavioral research to be developed.

*means of finding past trends: look online, check out links provided by Lorainna and Debbi , online databases, contact companies to find out financial/annual reports, call butler bag and ask for past advertisements, magazines.

3. Locate hidden currents.

a. At team meeting interpret data to find any hidden currents and assign the research into different parts.

4. Research companies and their past and present trends.

a. Using the information the other teams compiled on the website from past and present years, go in and find if there is any information on trends.

5. Questions to keep in mind:

a. Where is Butler Bag going?
b. Are they going to try and branch to a different target market?
c. Will they stay traditional or follow trends?
d. What will the colors and styles be for the upcoming seasons?
e. Will the “BIG” bag still be popular?
f. Can any improvements be made to butler bag?
g. If economy gets worse will people still be willing to pay the higher pricec of butler bag?
h. Can Butler Bag branch out to men?

6. Be creative! Apply all knowledge gained and brainstorm.

7. Assign more positions as needed and as research develops/ideas come up.

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