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1986 & 1988 Color material of bags in 1986-1988

Color of clothes in 1986-1988

The color range in the period is very wide, and there are many vivid colors. I don't really see pale and neutral color, such as beige. Primary colors, such as yellow and red , black, and purple-blue were main colors. There are also many designs, such as flower prints and stripes. Both of design and colors are very showy. I see many clothes which use more than 2 colors. There are many combinations of strong colors, for example, black with yellow, purple-blue with green, black and off-white, red with purple, and yellow with green.

At that time, Michel Jackson and Madonna had strong influence for young people's fashion. I see a lot of yellow and gold colors from their outfits at that time especially in 1986. I believe that combination of yellow or gold with black was very popular.

Also, light-blue Jeans were popular. I don't see any dark-blue jeans.

For the accessories, Gold was very popular.

Material and colors of bags in 1986-1988

For the bags, leather was very popular at that time. The surface of the material was not smooth. There are quilted, ostrich, and crocodile patterns. Those are the picture of popular bags at that time. yellow ostrich leather bag, red leather bucket shaped bag, black quilted leather shoulder bag with chain handle, brown crocodile clutch bag,

Since animal fabric was popular, colors of bags were simple. Basically, black, beige, and brown, but gold chain was popular for bag too.

End of the 1988,

I see more neutral colors, such as blown and beige-white and purple in end of the 1988.

Color range has been changed to neutral to 1990.

Sourse: 20th century fashion. The complete fashion sourcebook.

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